The beginning


We are Quinten & Joachim, life long friends from Holland, who in June ‘2014 bought a camera, borrowed 2 microphones and asked a friend if we could record 2 of his songs (with which we thought our stardom and fame was near). The production was one big improvisation and the result was screaming for improvement.

Life changed a bit; Quinten started a graphic design study and Joachim was accepted at the conservatorium, which created more opportunities for documenting musicians around us. At the end of 2015, Joachim was using online backing tracks to study to, but wasn’t to enthusiastic about the offer he could find online so decided it was time to record own loops. This were the beginning stages of the MFLY Backingtracks.

Along the way


The 2 years that followed there wasn’t a lot of work done on the Mfly headquarters (partly because there wasn’t a headquarters), but every so often a request came in to do a session for an artist. In 2018, Joachim started releasing his own music on the channel and more backing track seasons followed, and the quality overall was improving. The big motivation of providing this service for free was the joy we got from spending time in the studio, and getting a lot of positive feedback from it. In this period we saw that the backing tracks drew more attention and we were planning to have one new video every week for at LEAST a year coming, but then: COVID-19.


We had to be creative and come up with a safe way to work on content. This is when the MFLY instrumentals were born: original instrumental music in service for the musicians who wants to jam over spherical sounds with a steady beat, and for rappers who want to try out new lyrics or what not. We realised that our audience up to that point was there waiting for backing tracks but we were trying our best to deliver content that somewhat connected with our musician subscribers.

The pandemic also made us realise much more how important it is to care for the planet, but also for each other. This gave us more and more confirmation that providing this high quality content for free online is the way we want to perpetrate our business. We want to keep offering our services for free, with a sustainable mindset, and showing that giving is far greater then receiving.

The future is bright


It is now March 21 ‘2021, and we are happy to tell you that we are releasing our first 100% organic cotton merchandise today. We will be selling these shirts on a donation basis, because we believe that this way we contribute to a society that takes own responsibility through their actions. Thank you for your interest in our history, lets keep making history shall we..?

Cheers, Quinten & Joachim