Using our tracks

Sure, go ahead if you would like to do so! Please read the personal/commercial use section for more information.

If you would like to use our tracks for personal purposes then you’re free to go! Please keep in mind to mention us properly.

Example usages:
– Youtube cover
– Instagram/social media video
– School project

If you would like to use our tracks for commercial purposes please reach out to us (

Example usages:
– Youtube track/video
– Spotify track
– Instagram/ social media video
– Marketing
– Educational (teachers giving lessons)
– Movies or series.

Backing track by: Mfly Music
Instrumental by: Mfly Music

(when using social media you can tag us with @MflyMusic)

Additional info

Unfortunately this is always possible, but we’re here to help you out! If it’s still not working after a few tries please send us an email and we will fix it.

Quick answer: we barely made a profit.

Long answer: we had to make investments to start this project, so we bought a camera with some equipment, a lighting set and a decent computer to work with. That’s all we needed when we started. We worked with musicians who were willing to invest their time free of charge to create free content together. At the end of 2018, we started making small income from YouTube and Spotify, and it’s been growing ever since. We have set up a webshop to sell our songs and merchandise and we invest the proceeds in making music. Thanks to our dedicated musicians who have invested a lot of time at no cost, we have been able to grow and now we can finally pay them for their time and expertise. It is not yet really profitable for MFLY. For example, recently we bought a new camera, and there have been many other investments to improve everything.

We released new merchandise: 100% cotton MFLY shirts. The costs of 1 shirt is €15,30 so we get a small profit to invest in music making. We also get a small profit when you buy tracks in our webshop. You can also support us by subscribing to our Youtube and Spotify channel and watch/listen to our tracks.

Please suggest your track in the Youtube comment section. We keep an eye out on the comments and likes. Of course we have to like the suggested song and make it in consideration.

If you would like to have a backing track or instrumental (made for your needs) please reach out to Please keep in mind that all musicians needs to be charged for their time and expertise to be able to record any track.

That’s awesome! Go ahead if you would like to make a cover for personal/commercial use


When a product is ordered I will bring the package to the local post office as soon as possible. We work with the dutch company “PostNL” which will send the package.

Each destination of country has a different indicate of delivery time (in business days). Here you can find the “PostNL” information and search for your country and indicate of delivery time.

Click here to check your delivery time


We selected the Stanley/Stella brand with 100% cotton, vegan and fair durable products. The shirts have been bought in and embroided by a company in The Netherlands. We ordered custom made clothing labels and sewed it by our own.

We don’t have a wearhouse, to be honest the shirts are storaged in my house, in a airtight box. We live in The Netherlands and sending the packages from here.

We have chosen for a letterbox package because it’s small and cheaper to send. The stickers in the package are vegan outdoor stickers with vegan adhesive film.